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1. Extensive specialization
2. Professionalism and competence
3. Reasonable prices
4. Stability
5. Convenient location

 To avoid procedure of registration of the new enterprise you simply need to buy already existing firm.

The existing firm (as a rule Open Company) represents a package of the documents confirming the state registration of the legal entity. In it one individual person (the nominal director) or some nominal persons can be as the general director and the chief accountant. This firm is consisted on the account in tax inspection, and is registered in various off-budget funds.

As a rule, dare at purchase of existing firm with the settlement account in two cases:

1. With a view of economy of time as procedure of registration of the new enterprise, gathering of all necessary documents requires some time (on the average 2 weeks), and for participation in the tender or the important and favourable contract it is necessary already today (or as sometimes speak in such cases - "yesterday").

2. If there is a necessity for creation of the company which will not be connected with its original owner.

Acquisition and using of nominal firm -is not the best decision of the arisen problem, but it is, as they say, in certain cases «smaller harm».

The market of the existing enterprises in St.-Petersburg is enough big. Many legal companies are ready to offer just created enterprises registered in various areas of Petersburg and having various system of the taxation. But it is important to remember - you can become a victim of swindlers, having bought firm with "dark" history, therefore be vigilant and cautious at a choice of the legal company.

At purchase of the existing, recently registered enterprise it is necessary to consider following prominent aspects:

Presence of a copy of the passport of the general director (it is desirable notarially assured).

2. Presence of necessary constituent instruments:
  • The Charter
  • The Decision on creation and appointment of the general director
  • The Order on appointment of the bookkeeper
  • The Certificate on registration (assignment of Basic State Registration Number)
  • The Certificate on statement on the fiscal accounting
  • Goskomstat Circular (assignment of Codes of statistics)
  • The Certificate on statement in a pension fund of the Russian Federation
  • The Certificate on statement in social insurance fund
  • The Certificate on statement in medical insurance fund
  • The Extract from the uniform state Register of legal entities
  • The stamp of organisation
3. Age of existing firm, date of its registration

4. It is important to know how many enterprises are issued on the nominal director.

Statement on the account in the tax. Taxation system.

Presence of the open settlement account.

Legal firm "Logos" already throughout 12 years renders the services legal and to individua persons. Our employees are the qualified experts not only in sphere of registration of firms of Open Company and other organisation-legal forms), but also other areas of jurisprudence. We know that is necessary for our clients, and we value the reputation, therefore be assured of «legal cleanliness» offered firms which we will help you to get. You can choose the existing firm registered in tax service of necessary area of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region, with the most suitable system of the taxation (simplified, classical, the single tax on the made income), with the registration date, with the open settlement account (or without it).
 Discounts for constant clients
 1. Consultation of the client concerning correct adaptation of constituent instruments to relations of founders, including: definition of structure of management, an order of reception new and an exit of old participants, structure and an order of formation of an authorized capital stock... and so on enters into cost of order. Besides, our lawyers will help to choose correctly optimum system of the taxation for a prospective kind of activity. If it is necessary we can give full legal service, and also accounting support of activity of firm.
 2. The minimum probability of an assumption of errors in the course of registration and strict observance of the reserved terms as all documents by preparation take place double check, and terms are traced at all stages of work.
 3. In advance known and reasonable prices: we do not hide the prices and we do not deceive clients as we give the chance to choose a required set of services and to learn their cost in advance.
 4. Legal firm "Logos" is the versatile organisation. Therefore, having addressed to us the client can receive not only service in enterprise registration but also all complex of qualitative legal services.
 5. Discounts for constant clients. Our purpose is creation of stable partner relations with the client. Therefore at each repeated visit our client receives the discount.
 6. Our firm works absolutely officially and consequently the client can list cost of services in the clearing settlement or place money in firm cash desk. In the latter case he will necessarily receive the cash voucher.
7. The organisation which do not have the legal address, has a question with acquisition of the address that in a consequence can lead to the penalty for discrepancy legal and the de facto address of a site of the organisation, or with search of a real premise under office. But there is an intermediate variant in this situation - our firm can give the actual (legal) address.
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