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Among legal firms Law firm «Logos» is a long-liver. The company exists and successfully works more than 12 years. I consider that the firm could overcome this boundary thanks to following to THREE simple principles:

- Conscientiousness;
- Honesty;
- Decency.
Each person has own understanding of these words, therefore it will be better for specifying how we understand it.

Conscientiousness for us is a relation to client's affairs, as to own case. Protection of his rights and interests with the same intensity, persistence and diligence as though we protect own rights and interests.
Honesty in our understanding is an inadmissibility in relations with the client of "double game», deceit, trickery, concealment of all truth about his affairs, his prospects, circumstances, deception concerning real cost and necessary expenses.
Decency – is a performance of the taken obligations. If at some instant it becomes for us economically unprofitable or obviously unpromising, we consider that are obliged to battle for interests of the client up to the end while last point in case will not be put .Often such approach justifies itself as finally the most persistent and persevering wins. Already unsuccessful case starts to take other positive turn gradually.

I consider, that exactly therefore Law firm "Logos" exists in the market more than 12 years when its many coevals and younger firms have stopped the existence. The firm exists thanks to the clients who address again and again and recommend us to their acquaintances, precisely knowing that experts of Law firm "Logos" will do the utmost for protection of their rights and interests.


 Firm personnel selection provides attraction to work of experts of the highest qualification, who capable to solve problems of any complexity.
 Management department

The general management of firm

 Claims department

Professional protection

- In arbitration court

- In federal court

- In court of justice

 Registration department

- registration of firm

- registration of changes of constituent documents

- reorganisation

- liquidation

- registration of securities

 Real estate department

Support of transactions and registration of the rights to the real estate. All services from legal examination to the certificate on the property:

- the ground;

- uninhabited buildings and premises;

- apartments.

The general director Osman А.А.
 Law firm "Logos" works in the market of legal services more than 12 years. For this time from the small firm consisting of 3 persons it has grown in one of the large legal companies of St.-Petersburg which consists of 30 employees serving hundreds of constant clients.
The firm saves up a wide experience:
  • over 1 000 trias have been won;
  • about 8 000 organisations have been registered ;
  • hundreds licences have been received;
  • hundreds transactions with objects of the real estate have been spent.
Large firms such as ("Baltimore", "Peterstar", "Russian olden time"), and absolutely small organisations trust their affairs as to work with us conveniently and profitably:

Firstly, the qualified legal aid is guaranteed;
Secondly, on having addressed for one service the client receives discounts for all subsequent ones;;
Thirdly, only for this year we have saved and have earned for our clients more than 150 million rubles.

The firm adheres to the policy of city prices. You should not overpay. Our prices are not the highest in the city, but also are not dumping as we are proud of experience and quality of our work.

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