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 Find a lawyer for the conduct of the case is difficult and quite risky, because the fate of an entire organization, its past and future transfered in the hands of one person. Choosing a lawyer for representation in court, the client is forced to rely exclusively on their intuition, because layman is difficult to determine the level of competence of a lawyer. Some employers are looking for a lawyer for representation in court through a friend, although it is not always successful strategy.

Since the legislation broad, lawyer, well versed in all areas of law, simply does not exist, although in that the majority of people voluntarily recognized because Most lawyers think that although he is something and not know, but it knows where it can be found ... However for the successful representation in the courts of knowledge "where you can find" is not enough, because solutions must be taken very quickly. Therefore, the formula "he helped me - and help you" doesn't work in this case: lawyer helped your friends, but in another case he will be completely helpless.

Are there objective criterias in selecting a candidate for effective legal representation? We believe that yes, there are the next: 

In the important and difficult cases it makes sense do not have to deal with a lawyer-loner, Law firm that specializes in legal representation can provide more competent legal representation than a single lawyer:

Firstly, the firm has a clear specialization of lawyers - someone engaged in contractual disputes, some leading tax cases, someone specializes in real estate ....;
Secondly, the firm is a kind of legal center, which accumulates the legal ideas and proper organization of a collective effort to find effective solutions;
Thirdly, the company in any case ensures the continuity of the case if the employee's life circumstances change or for whatever reasons he failed to give the nature of the client. Huge number of companies in Petersburg offering their services in the field of legal representation. How can choose the one from them?

There are several criterias: How long does the company have been operating in legal services market, What is the firm's specialization, Does the company have the experience of similar cases and the proper techniques of conducting such cases, What is the professionalism of its specialists.

According to these criterias Law Firm "Logos" has one of the leading places:  
  • The company has been operating in legal services market more than 12 years; ; 
  • Our lawyers held about a thousand of various cases for this time;  
  • Effective technologies of successful conducting of affairs are developed during work. Each stage of work passes careful joint examination of lawyers of firm, that in aggregate provides positive result;  
  • The company guarantees complete privacy and absolute honesty.
 It adjudicates disputes between legal entities (individual entrepreneurs) in the field of entrepreneurship, including:


 It adjudicates all disputes between individuals and between legal and natural persons (all disputes in which one party - the plaintiff or the defendant - an individual), including:


 It adjudicates all disputes between individuals and between legal and natural persons (all disputes in which one party - the plaintiff or the defendant - an individual), if the claim amount does not exceed 100 thousand rubles, including :
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