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Information Portal of the law firm "Logos"

On the web portal of the law firm "Logos" you can find information on legal registration services, defense in the court, real estate transactions, also get aid from a team of lawyers for a successful solution of your troubles.

Law Firm "Logos" provides a wide range of services in St. Petersburg:

The site provides not only comprehensive information about available legal services, and more than 1,000 consulting of legal experts on the most pressing legal issues. Extensive experience of attorneys from "Logos" allowed to create an extensive database of answers to common customer questions.

Information about the firm

Law Firm "Logos" is committed to full transparency. You can learn all about the company, its history and its employees.

Where is to start? Video about possibilities of the site

The choice of a law firm may be determined by several factors.

Usually in the registration service the clients are looking for cash savings and speed, in services for the protection in the court - the professionalism and knowledge, in real estate services - experience in dealing with such cases.

However, for whatever service you did not apply to a law firm, effective cooperation without trust is unrealistic.

Confidence in the law firm is one of the most crucial competitive factors. From which it is composed?

The law firm "Logos" can name four terms: openness, competence, objectivity and reputation.

Openness in the relationship with the client - is transparency of business relations, especially in matters of fair prices and a true assessment of the prospects of the case. Any deal with the "Logos," begins with the contract, which
takes into account all details. The client always receives a detailed report on the work of lawyers.

Competence is the availability of knowledge and experience in dealing with specific cases from the firm's experts. "Logos" is proud of its work of the legal services market .We did it successfully over 13 years. The company has strict criteria for the selection of staff - only the best lawyers of the city work at "Logos"

Objectivity is that we defense the customer case as our own case and help to choose the best and affordable way to solutions, which corresponds to client's interests, not ours. We rely not on a one-time large profits, and to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationship.

Reputation – is a view of customers who have already applied to the firm for the services.
Customer feedback is the best advertisement for us.


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