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Working out of drafts of any contracts on-line

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Many entrepreneurs and heads of organizations, as often as accountants faced with making individual contracts on various subjects which take into account all their necessary conditions. If a lawyer does not work in you state you can use two ways to resolve this problem. You can find the draft of contract in the Internet or to contact the law firm. Each of these solutions has its pluses and minuses.
Certainly, free downloaded on line in the network contracts attract you, but you must remember that most of these contracts are typical and require professional improvements or additions. Laws are constantly changing so you will be lucky if you did not find an outdated contract.

Applying to law firm "Logos" for legal aid you will get the desired result, however, the price of such draft will be higher. For many entrepreneurs the question of price does not exist. Nowadays, TIME is more important for business success. Make decisions and take timely actions will help to inspire confidence from business partners and to conclude a really good deal.
Law firm "Logos" offers a new service that allows to order INDIVIDUAL DRAFT OF CONTRACT according to your needs with on-line. Due to this, you do not have to waste time on a trip to the office for an initial consultation of a lawyer, and later to pick up the executed draft of contract. Moreover, such remote work with our specialists is much cheaper - only 1,000 rubles for individual draft (instead of 2000 rubles).

So, in order to get a draft of contract follow the instructions:

 STEP 1. Select the type of contract.
 STEP 2. Carefully fill out the form indicating all information and your contact details.
 STEP 3.  Pay the payment commission by bank transfer or cash in any branch of the Bank. Copy of payment (receipt of the Bank) please send us an e-mail: or use the fax (812) 717 71 58. We remind you the price of a draft of contract is 1,000 rubles.
 STEP 4. After receiving confirmation of payment the job concerning your draft will take from several hours to one day.
 STEP 5. The executed draft of contract in electronic form (Microsoft Word file) will be sent to your e-mail.

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