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 Today the life and activity of the individual and legal entities is impossible without interaction with the various organisations and official entities. On this soil there are questions in sphere of civil, labour both public legal relations and the requirement for services of legal firms to become more and more actual.

The majority of legal errors which in a consequence cannot be corrected, are made by persons incompetent in the legislation. For the problem decision presence of legal knowledge and the qualified help of the lawyer , which has an extensive knowledge and practical experience in various areas of the legislation is necessary.

As a rule, services of the lawyer rather expensive, but their cost it is possible to reduce their cost by having made decision to operate independently and only I co-ordinate the actions with the lawyer. This system of actions is realised through legal aid. In certain cases timely and correct action can prevent occurrence of the expensive permission of a problem.

Legal aid in firm "Logos" is the professional advice of the lawyer directed on a choice of correct model of legal behaviour. Legal aid includes studying of the given documents (if the such are available), drawing up of the oral/written conclusion (with instructions on corresponding laws and other normative acts) or drawing up of a step-by-step plan of action.

Our company adheres to a policy of payment for result, for concrete work, the kind and cost are discussed in advance. Сost of legal advice constitutes 950 rubles in an hour. Besides we give DISCOUNTS to our clients!

Irrespective of character of the developed problem, lawyers of firm "Logos" will provide you with the necessary information. We give possibility to receive legal aid on various questions: On pages you can get free legal advice on the application of existing legislation and to find answers to all your questions.


1. A problem: privatisation of ground area under a building
Having consulted with lawyers of our firm, the client has received legally competent representation of a current situation, an estimation of the possibilities and a detailed plan of actions. As a result of it the client has issued the property right to the ground area free of charge!

2. A problem: the redemption of lease rights
The situation has developed in such way that the tenant has wanted to redeem the right of rent at the lessor under certain conditions. The client was ready to pay a great sum for the decision of this problem. But presence of experience and an extensive knowledge in this area has allowed our lawyers to warn the client against intention to begin this process as in these circumstances the repayment of the right of rent was impossible. As a result our client has saved the mullions-strong sum.

3. A problem: statements of claim
Often clients intend to make the claim, result which in a consequence will not justify the spent means. As a rule, it is faster and easier and more favourable to solve a problem peacefully, without resorting to proceedings. We try to warn you from errors and thoughtless steps and to find more suitable way out of a disputable situation.

4. A problem: drafting and conclusion of contracts
Initially it is important to construct relations with the partner correctly, the base of that is competently constituted contract. Presence of discrepancies or errors in the contract - it is potential risk of loss of money resources and partner relations. When people face this problem, they settle the document independently by means of the Internet or other unconfirmed information. Almost always such contracts concern a category incorrectly constituted. It is important to know - the current legislation gives the chance the broadest choice of conditions of the rights and duties of the parties which will allow to settle relations of partners at any stage of interaction.

5. Проблема: регистрация новой фирмы
If documents for registration have been prepared for the first time and independently, it is almost impossible to avoid errors, typing errors, for example in the address, its name (short and full), nameplate data of founders etc. Any this sort of discrepancies be dragged out process of registration and settlement account opening. Besides it is necessary to pay special attention on the address of a site of the future organisation. There are 3 variants of registration of the address. Advising our clients, we in detail discuss positive and negative sides of each variant.

6. Проблема: смена участников Общества
There are 2 ways of carrying out of this procedure: 1 Way. Alienation of a share to the third party through notarial assurance of the transaction of purchase and sale of a share. 2 Way.The STAGE I - the inclusion of the participant in the Society with his share through increasing of authorized capital stock. The STAGE II - the Participant, wishing to leave the Society, leaves it, giving his share to the Society. In legal firm "Logos" you receive the information of "pluses" and "minuses" of each of ways and can make legally correct decision.

7. A problem: change of participants of the Society
Not everyone knows that to re-register is not only necessary, but it is profitable!
First, it will help to avoid additional checks from outside tax and executive structures.
Secondly, the timely re-registration will warn occurrence of problems with the conclusion of new contracts and registration of transactions with the real estate.
Thirdly, in the process of a re-registration there is a possibility to make necessary changes, to modify discrepancies of an extract from the Uniform State Register of Legal entities. In legal firm "Logos" you will be consulted about all nuances of the new legislation, concerning Open Companies that will allow to use all its advantages.
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